Fire Safety for the Summer Holidays

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Fire Safety for the Summer Holidays

Now the children are off school it is a perfect time to learn about fire safety. It can be a stressful time where the days drag and families are trying to find fun activities to keep the children entertained.

  • Go around a room at a time and encourage the child to identify any fire hazards and the reason why. It could be fun to get them to draw the room or have photos ready for them identify if they are visual learners, it could also be fun to get stickers and apply them to the object (if safe to do so).
  • Plan your fire escape routes and practice it.
  • See what events are on at your local fire station. Fire fighters love interacting with the community, take the little ones along.
  • Enquire about fire cadets if your child is aged between 13-17
  • If you have a child that is somewhat experimental with fire then your local fire service may have a youth engagement manager or officer, from time to time they run projects that work with young people to learn about the dangers of fire.
  • Encourage your children to go around the house and test the fire alarms with you.
  • Remind your child to remember the number 999 and their home address, in the event they need to call it will be easier for the services to find the fire.
  • Teach them to them the ‘Get out, stay out’ phrase, ‘stop, drop and roll’ and even fire safety songs.
  • There are plenty of educational but fun videos and games out there about fire safety, spend some time together to watch/complete them.

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